About us

We are Artem and Oksana

Our Team

Good morning, we are from Ukraine!

We met at 2013 in Zaporizhzhya city at Ukraine and fell in love with each other. Next few years I'm rebuilded our first sailboat named Shark. We want to explore our world, to face difficulties and meet small joys of life together. I had almost no sailing experience before and Oksana didn't had it at all, but we learn fast :)

We are:

  • Boat Builders
  • Photographers
  • Web Developers
  • Story Tellers
  • Cheerful people :)



I was born in an industrial city in the south of Ukraine in an ordinary family of factory workers. As a child, I read the magazines "Around the World", "Tekhnika Molodezhi" that my father subscribed to - it sowed in me the seed of a thirst for travel.

After graduating the school, I entered the university for engineer speciality and was able to find time for hiking in the mountains of Crimea, as well as cycling in Ukraine, Turkey, Poland and Cyprus. Sometimes I caught myself thinking looking at the seas - it would be interesting to try to cross them on a sailboat. I started to sail on a my fiend Anton sailboat "Zabava" in my city and participated in trips and local regattas on it, getting some sailing experience - It finally convinced me in the chosen direction in my life.

I started my blog that you are reading now in 2013 and in the same year I bought a badly damaged "Shark" sailboat to repair it. Also, at the end of this year, I met Oksana, after that our joint story began.

I want to do something useful for my country - tell the world about the problems with the bloodthirsty neighbor - Russia



Hi everyone, I'm Oksana. I was born in an ordinary family, in a small village in the Nikolaev region ) I am a teacher for children by profession: I don’t know why, but childrens are attracted to me like a magnet. After many years of working with children, I decided to study to be a web developer to improve my ability to travel.

In 2011 I moved to Zaporozhye. I have always liked doing something unusual and also like to travel. At first I traveled around Ukraine, it was walking around the cities.

At that time, I was not familiar with the tourist life. Artem introduced me to the sailing theme. The first passage on the sailboat was from Energodar to Zaporozhye. It was a sailing in calm weather, that's how I imagined yachting then.

When Artem offered to take part in the sailing from Zaporozhye to Kherson I agreed and this time I saw the real side of yachting - a squall, waves and danger. I am in awe of the incredible sunsets that come after bad weather.

"Where did you get these crazy tourists?"

Igor Skipper of "Mria" boat